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Jan 3, 2013 4:00am PST
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Jan 3, 2013 3:30am PST
in this room wants to start making a difference. we want to start doing it right now. ros, how do you start giving a child the dignity that was taken away? >> i'm actually going to use an example that might seem a little far-flung for that question. one of the things i wanted to talk about with colleagues is the write up process when they cuss you out in the classroom or the hallway. i was in chicago in may and already the strike talk was coming up and talking to some of the teacher. one of the teachers said i don't know what to do about this bullying thing because the kids are cussing me out in the hallway and all i can do is write them up. i think that's a moment i'd like us to think about in terms of empowerment of the teacher. it might be the case that the teacher doesn't feel for a lot of different reasons that she can't depend on his principal to back her up and maybe that principal their best, too. but one of the things i want us it look at in terms of treating children with dignity, which means they are worthy, two things. respect as a word is overused in schools and if i could
Jan 2, 2013 11:35pm PST
estados unidos para evitar el llamado abismo fiscal tuvo impacto positivo en los mercados fin ros alrededor del mundo. fue el caso de la bolsa mexicana de valores. el efecto a largo plazo puede traer malas cons daounszs para economÍa mexicana. y la violencia no sede. el mes pasado, se registraron 982 asesinatos. 33 mÁs que en noviembre cuando gobernaba felipe calderÓn. nuestro corresponsal alejandro roldÁn nos dice los planes del nuevo gobierno para revertir las cifras y cumplir con los compromisos mÁs importantes de la campaÑa presidencial. la violencia no disminuye el mes pasado se registraron 982 casos no he visto mucho progreso. >>> sigo viendo lo mismo. >>> no si ve un panorama muy pintoresco al respecto el presidente de mÉxico anuncio que uno de los ejes serÁ la estrategia de seguridad con un enfoque regional y una la creaciÓn de una gendarmerÍa con 10.000 miembros en su primera etapa. en el presupuesto de e gr soso para el 2013. la nueva administraciÓn con intenciÓn de recuperar la paz mÁs que en el 2012. >>> tu rimos hace, unos dÍas en m acapulco y la gente e
Jan 2, 2013 6:30pm PST
imposed on itself had already passed, but it did not cause any real harm because important ro financial markets remained closed on new year's day. automatic tax increases could have pushed u.s. back into economic recession -- pushed the u.s. back into economic recession. tax rates will go up for only those earning over $400,000. in herington is -- inheritances over $5 million will also be heavily taxed. president obama immediately left washington to rejoin his family in hawaii, but the next battle is already in view. in the next two months, congress will need to raise the debt limit to allow treasury to borrow more money and it must agree on spending cuts to reduce the deficit. >> for more analysis, we are joined by our washington correspondent. lawmakers have voted what many -- have averted what many believe would have been an economic disaster. what is the public reaction? >> i think the vast majority of americans would like to see a little bit less trauma and maybe a little more willingness to compromise on a bipartisan -- drama and maybe a little more willing this to compromise on a
Jan 3, 2013 7:00am PST
've discovered gold. [ female announcer ] the gold standard in anti-aging. roretinol. found in roretinol correxion® deep wrinkle night cream. it's clinically proven to give 10 years back to the look of skin. now for maximum results... the power of roc® retinol is intensified with a serum to create retinol correxion® max. it's proven to be 4x better at smoothing lines and deep wrinkles than professional treatments. new roc® retinol correxion® max. nothing's better than gold. >>> the pro football playoffs begin this weekend. it's chance for sports betting shops in las vegas to get even. as terrell brown reports they're reeling after the worst nfl season they've ever had. >> reporter: las vegas is known for two famous sayings. what happens in vegas stays in vegas -- and the house always wins. but the secret is out for big casino sports books. the nfl betting season was anything but a winner. >> players in net won more against the sports books than any year in memory. >> reporter: r.j. bell is the owner of a website. they make money on commissions. th
Jan 2, 2013 11:00pm PST
at the consumer electronics show. that's a ro big leaders in the industry have held, people like bill gates and steve jobs and people like that. what do you have to do-- what is it that you want to explain and say to these people who know a lot about technology at this moment in time? >> i really want to project where the future's going to go because we need people in the consumer electronics industry to work with us to fulfill this vision of the phone wandering through space and talking to all of these different devices around you. so we're going to talk to them about things like where is mobile computing going? where are smart phones going? how are we going it deal with this data demand that's so hume and so forth? and this notion they talked about, this digital sixth sense, the notion that you'll add an extra sense to your perception of the world around you which is the perception of electronic cyberspace, things associate with the world that's around you, and that goes along with all the stuff we've been talking about, whether things in the environment, things on your body, things in yo
Jan 3, 2013 5:00am PST
zarn todas las hipo tetsz posibles. se spec ro sobre el crimen organizado la zona es utilizada para el trasiego de drogas. tenÍa 3 o 4 meses. considero amistades, y generÓ buena relaciÓn con toda la gente de la comunidad de la zona. >>> frÍa javier tiene 35 aÑos de edad y 24 de ordenarse como franciscano lo califican como un sacerdote fiel, responsable y conducta intachable. su familia suplica a la comunidad que aporten informaciÓn que ayude a localizarlo. >>> a ver si oye dpams al mÁximo posible de personas y que ojalÁ mas algunas nos den alguna pista o luz. o informaciÓn de donde encontrar al padre javier. si alguien lo ha visto, si saben algo por un medio. los hagan saber. de mi hijo. la bÚsqueda fue suspendida al agotarse todos los recursos humanos y tÉcnicos si tiene un dato que pueda quizÁss ayudar a este e caso. visite la pÁgina de primer impacto en univisiÓ y encontrara mÁs informaciÓn. como a nunca zams del 7 de enero la cadena hermana telefutura. se convierte en uno mÁs y esta es una probada. veamos. >>> el 7 de enero. telefutura serÁ, unÍ mÁs
Jan 3, 2013 3:00am PST
would say that in our film these little moments, like what ros said about things that come out of your mouth with your kids, you are, like, oh, no. these are the things, this is actually where the rubber meeting the road a little bit and it's the hardest stuff. we screened in sioux city before anyone had seen the movie for all the administrators in the movie. obviously we've been down a long road with this community and i will make a point thanking them for their courage in making this film, which is what you thought nobody would ever do, which is allow a er
Jan 3, 2013 1:00pm EST
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Jan 2, 2013 6:00pm PST
beat their 10-year lipper average. t. ro price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. with investment information, risks, fees and expenses why let constipation stry miralax.? mirlax worksdifferently than other laxatives. it dws water into your colon to unblock your system naturally. don't wait to fe great. miralax. i'm here to unleash my inner cowboy... instead i got heartburn. [ horse neighs ] hold up partner. prilosec isn't for fast relief. try alka-seltzer. kills heartburn fast. yeehaw! >> welcome back to hannity. when it comes to the gun control debate hypocrisy does not stop this hollywood. the new york newspaper, the journal news, with the help of publisher and rockland editor, they recently published the names and locations of local law-abiding gun owners putting their homes and families at risk and now the paper reportedly hired armed guards to protect its offices in the face of the public backlash surrounding the attempt to shame gun owners as ou
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Jan 3, 2013 8:00am PST
the more ro best the u.s. presence in afghanistan in 2014, the less the military risk. jenna: and what's the benefit of that? when we're looking at this ask year and the threats that are being posed to the united states from all over the world, where does this stack up in the priority? and how do we strategize appropriately? >> well, in terms of of boots on the ground, jenna, it's number one. remember, this is where the war on terror started. the taliban is still an active force, they still have enclaves in waziristan and pakistan. right next door is iran who doesn't seek to do us any favors. so if there's any one place where the united states can get the maximum effect from the minimum footprint in today's environment, it's afghanistan. jenna: it's interesting to read articles like this. it's great talking to you, general, because you have the experience as a combat leader, but you also have the experience to of talking to historical scholars, and those are the voices that are loudest here now when the voice of our combat p troops is not quite as loud. can you just talk to us about th
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)